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Tailored Programs, Courses and Experiences 


The Society offers interested groups the opportunity to draw on our members’ extensive knowledge and experience to run courses to meet their specific needs.


Course programs are usually instigated by the interested school or group contacting our Education and Outreach Coordinator to discuss their ideas. A discussion will uncover whether we are able to help and what might be the best approach for delivering an engaging and educational experience for everyone.


These programs are conducted at the interested group’s premises with the venue arrangements and attendance planning managed by the organizing group. Society members will provide the expertise, presentations and other practical hands-on observing sessions as agreed.


The Society normally asks for a fee, or in some situations, a donation to cover costs and help us raise funds for ongoing projects. We can discuss how this might be arranged.


For further information, or to arrange a program, please contact Richard (our Education and Outreach Coordinator) directly by email: