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Public Night Sky Viewing Evenings


The Astronomical Society of Tasmania hosts its popular Public Night Sky Viewing Evenings at our observing site at Mount Pleasant.

It is an opportunity for people and families of all ages to see the many wonders of the southern night sky through telescopes with expert guides from the Society.


These viewing evenings have been on hold as a result of the broader community restrictions due to Covid19. As restrictions ease, we are hopeful of re-introducing these viewing evenings when the circumstances allow for a safe experience for all attendees.


Our Night Sky Viewing Evenings are normally scheduled in Autumn  or Spring to avoid the very cold winter months and the long daylight hours in summer. Where possible, the dates are set to provide wonderful views of a first quarter Moon, planets in our Solar System and glittering star clusters, globular clusters, nebulae and galaxies.


The number of participants is strictly limited to ensure quality time at the telescopes for everyone. Registration is essential and full details of how to register will be posted on our Events Page for the particular Night Sky Viewing evening. An entry fee of currently $10 per car is payable at the gate when arriving for the Viewing Evening.


Click here to check if a Public Night Sky Viewing evening is currently scheduled. Note, we will only have an event listed if a Public Night Sky Viewing evening is scheduled. The event listing will include information about how to register and what to bring to be warm and comfortable for the evening  



The weather is always a factor when observing. Unfortunately, we have not control over the weather and observing is not possible when there are heavy clouds, haze or rain. The Viewing Evening will be cancelled or postponed if the weather is preventing observing. 

We will post weather updates and issue a cancellation or postponement announcement by 6.00pm on the evening of the event. Please check one of the following for these announcements:

Our Facebook page: