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21-22  JULY 2018


The Society Committee and Members have been busy working on the landscape around our observing sheds

over the weekend we were slowed down by rocks and rocks and rocks we were however lucky to have a excavator for the weekend and many thanks to Robbie Briers as the operator.


While we had the machine we dug down to put underground power which will give our Members with go-to mounts with uninterrupted power supply.


I would like to thanks BORAL Quarries at Bridgewater (Roger and Phillip) for their enormous support.


Rooke Quarries at Richmond many thanks to Shane Rooke for his kind generosity.


PORTER Plant Hire Main Road, Derwent Park (Thank you also for your support)


And all those members that keep coming to help when the call goes out, We wouldn't have a organisation like ours without you!


4-12 AUGUST 2018


Again we toiled this weekend spreading countless wheel barrows of road base around the site. It was all compacted down with a Plate Compactor and the site is looking good.


At last we have a smooth and even surface that will make it a pleasure to walk on.


See pics below