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Outreach of the Astronomical Society of Tasmania


The Astronomical Society of Tasmania has, as one of its objectives, the aim of stimulating interest among the community in all branches of astronomy and its associated activities. Members from the Society provide knowledge and services on many astronomical matters in order to motivate adults and schoolchildren to see and enjoy the many wonders of the universe – from our solar system, comets, aurorae, satellite passovers, etc. to southern hemisphere stars, constellations, nebulae, globular clusters, galaxies and other fascinating objects in the night sky. Studying astronomy changes our fundamental perceptions about the universe, ourselves and our place in the cosmos.


The society can offer educational outcomes from:

  • Lectures (advanced and intermediate)
  • Mini-talks for people new to astronomy
  • Workshops (2 evening night explorer courses, conducted twice a year)
  • Demonstrations on how to set up and use optical telescopes, especially “GOTO” telescopes
  • Naked-eye observation in the Southern Hemisphere
  • One-on-one observations of constellations and stars
  • Advice on what telescopes to purchase
  • The lending of astronomical equipment
  • Member trips to view occultations and solar phenomena
  • Weekend “getaways” on Astronomy such as Ben Lomond and Waddamana
  • Astrophotography techniques
  • The pros and cons of the use of apps available to amateurs
  • School night sky  viewing and presentations evenings.
  • Or any other areas of interest to astronomers


Volunteer Society members usually bring along equipment and resources to demonstrate what can be seen (on a clear night) in Tasmania.


"The Society normally asks for a donations to cover costs and help us raise funds for ongoing projects. We can discuss how this might be arranged."


 The Society welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we may be able to help you present astronomy to the wider community and inspire our next generations to explore the universe around them. We are able to provide these services throughout the State. Click here to make contact with us in the first instance.